Science & Solutions No. 48 - Swine


Science & Solutions No. 48 - Swine

Reduce Sow Culling with These 7 Lameness Tips
Lameness is a growing problem on swine farms with sows being culled from the herd in the most severe cases. But the causes of lameness can be reduced and eliminated by following seven basic rules as Anita Urbańczyk explains.

Zearalenone - a Known but Underestimated Risk in Gilts
Feeding ZEN-contaminated feed to gilts can have huge negative implications on animal health and performance. Konstantinos Sarantis explores the literature to explain why ZEN is so harmful to gilts and why a mycotoxin risk management program is essential.

Successfully Confronting the Fumonisin Surge
While difficult to detect in pigs, fumonisins often pose a threat to pigs globally. Where binders fall short, a mitigation technique known as biotransformation offers a field-tested, proven solution.

What’s Wrong with My Pigs? Part 9: Tail Necrosis
A handy diagnostic checklist of symptoms, causes and remedies.

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