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7 Lessons Learned from 20 Years of Mycotoxin Detoxification Research

For the development of tailored approaches for an effective detoxification of mycotoxins in animal nutrition, it is important to keep in mind several lessons we have learned over the course of more...

Mycotoxin Binder Definition and Application in Farm Animals

A mycotoxin binder is a substance that is added to animal feed in small quantities in order to trap mycotoxins, preventing them from entering the blood stream where they can cause serious harm to your...

Improving the diagnosis of deoxynivalenol ingestion in rainbow trout

Future growth and sustainability of the aquaculture industry depend on the sector’s ability to identify economically viable and environmentally friendly alternatives to marine-derived ingredients.

Mycotoxin Survey 2018: First Insights into Regional Harvest Results

As in previous years, BIOMIN is conducting a worldwide mycotoxin monitoring program (BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey). The sample collection and data collection is currently in full swing but an outlook on...

When the threat pops up

The presence of the highly toxic Aspergillus flavus metabolite Aflatoxin B1 causes a dangerous health risk not only to animals but also to humans, which is proven by a recent incident in Austria. 

Climate change, farming and mycotoxins: Welcome unpredictability!

The global climate is changing, bringing with it more extreme, unpredictable weather events and often higher mycotoxin contamination.