Chinese delegation visits ERBER AG

Jan Vanbrabant, PhD, chairman of the ERBER Group Executive Board, along with BIOMIN Managing Director for China, Jack An and ROMER LABS Division Research Officer, Kurt Brunner, welcomed a high-ranking Chinese delegation led by China’s Vice Minister of the General Administration of Customs, Dr. Wang Lingjun for discussions of forward-looking issues in the agriculture sector.

The delegation toured the BIOMIN Research Center and the research, development and production site of ROMER LABS in Tulln. ERBER Group has been operating in China for nearly 20 years, and the Asia Pacific region is one of ERBER AG’s biggest future markets.

from left to right: Jan Vanbrabant, PhD (Chairman of the ERBER Group Executive Board), Wang Lingjun (Vice Minister of the General Administration of Customs of China), Kurt Brunner (Division Research Officer ROMER LABS), Jack An (Managing Director BIOMIN China).
Photo credit: Anna Stöcher

Jan Vanbrabant, PhD, Chairman of the ERBER Group Executive Board: “ERBER Group focuses 100% on improving the efficiency, safety, quality and sustainability of the food and feed sector. Today was a great opportunity to highlight the importance of China in food production and consumption, and how the high level of scientific innovation by ERBER Group companies can provide value. ERBER Group currently operates in over 140 countries and employs approximately 1,400 people, including 170 researchers and scientists, in facilities worldwide.”

Jack An, Managing Director of BIOMIN China: “We were honored to be the only private company to receive the esteemed delegation during its visit to Austria. A key topic was the threat that mycotoxins pose to agricultural output, to animal protein production and to consumers. The tour of our research facilities allowed us to convey our high level of investment in research and development—the foundation for our state-of-the-art solutions for gut performance and mycotoxin risk management.”

Dr Kurt Brunner, Division Research Officer for ROMER LABS: “With our core strengths in diagnostic solutions for mycotoxins, food allergens, food pathogens, VDR and more, we at ROMER LABS strive to serve the food and feed industries worldwide. From our laboratory and offices in Beijing and Singapore, we are committed to providing dedicated service to producers of food and feed throughout the People’s Republic of China. It was a pleasure for us to give Vice Minister Wang and his colleagues a tour of our facilities, where many ROMER LABS products destined for Asia and China in particular are produced.”