BIOMIN Submits EU Dossier for Digestarom® DC as Zootechnical Feed Additive in Broilers

Digestarom® DCFollowing a successful start to a global launch, BIOMIN submitted a dossier for the EU authorization of Digestarom® DC, a phytogenic feed additive (PFA), for zootechnical status based on its ability to improve the performance parameters of broilers.

Focus on broilers

Efficiently converting feed into broiler meat is crucial. “Phytogenics can play an important role in maintaining feed intake, improving digestibility and ultimately supporting enhanced feed conversion,” explained Michael Noonan, Global Director Phytogenics at BIOMIN.

“For poultry producers, improved feed efficiency translates into lower production costs, better margins and reduced ammonia emissions that support profits and sustainability,” added Mr Noonan.

Multiple trials

The EU dossier, submitted for evaluation in June 2018, includes 4 broiler feeding trials that were conducted to demonstrate the efficacy and the safety of Digestarom® DC.

“The trials conducted have shown better growth performance, greater weight gain and improved feed efficiency in broilers,” stated Mr Noonan. “We continue to see strong interest in scientifically-backed phytogenic feed additives for a number of applications,” he added.

Innovative Biomin® Duplex Capsule

Digestarom® DC incorporates a unique encapsulation technology that ensures continuous delivery of active phytogenic compounds throughout the digestive process, demonstrates stability under common pelleting conditions and offers easier handling.

The Biomin® Duplex Capsule also supports the triple action formulation of Digestarom® DC, which consists of three modules: 1) appetizing and endogenous secretions, 2) gut microbiota modulation, and 3) gut protection.

Market leadership

The submission of Digestarom® DC for zootechnical authorization for broilers marks the latest milestone in ongoing activities around phytogenics at BIOMIN. The firm submitted an EU dossier for zootechnical authorization in piglets in 2017, which is still under review.

In 2016, BIOMIN announced its ambition to become PFA market leader by 2020. The PFA market is expected to grow considerably in the coming years. A full 60% of respondents to the 2018 BIOMIN Phytogenic Feed Additives Survey said that they expected to increase their use of phytogenics.

Next steps

The dossier for zootechnical registration has been submitted for scientific review by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). “We are optimistic that the diligent work put into developing the next-generation Digestarom® and compiling the dossier complies fully with the necessary requirements,” Mr Noonan stated.