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Quality means that our customers are able to purchase BIOMIN products with full confidence in their reliability and performance at any time. This is what our customers have come to expect from us and appreciate so much, and is a value which we strive to uphold in all that we do.

We endeavor to achieve and maintain the highest standards in hygiene, product safety and traceability of raw materials, through to the manufacture process and end-product. Here are our quality values.

Quality products

All raw materials are procured exclusively from a choice group of suppliers and subjected to stringent receiving inspections. It is the BIOMIN philosophy to contract long-term business relationships with reliable suppliers as this helps secure a consistent and high quality.

Stringent quality checks on all materials and products are an integral part of the BIOMIN manufacturing process.

BIOMIN Quality

A motivated team

Continuous learning is part of our corporate culture. We emphasize continuous training that lifts the skills, and above all, morale and motivation of our staff.

Setting standards

BIOMIN believes that success depends on the ongoing improvement of in-house quality standards.

In 1997, BIOMIN introduced the international ISO 9001 standard. The HACCP system, introduced subsequently at BIOMIN production sites, provides the quality assurance our customers seek.

ISO 9001 certified
HACCP approved

International and local feed quality standards like GMP+, FAMI-QS and QS guarantee the utmost degree of control and quality for our products – from raw material procurement to final production.

GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance
QS - Quality scheme for food

BIOMIN is aware of laying the foundations for quality food with quality feed. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we aim to achieve this by setting one of the highest quality benchmarks for the industry.

ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment

ISO 14040 Approved Life Cycle Assessment

In September 2011, BIOMIN completed the ISO 14040 "Life Cycle Assessment" certification. By optimizing feed use and improving animal performance, it is possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock operations.

For more details on the ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment, please click here

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