Digestarom® DC

The Feed Converter with Biomin® Duplex Capsule

Phytogenics are functional feed additives of plant origin. Digestarom® is the phytogenic product line of BIOMIN, a world leader in gut performance management, supported by 30 years of research and development. Digestarom® DC – the next generation product line – contains the latest proprietary essential oil encapsulation technology for performance enhancement and feed conversion.

BIOMIN has developed a unique encapsulation technology providing essential oil actives in the Biomin® Duplex Capsule.

What is a Phytogenic Feed Additive?

Phytogenic feed additives, known as PFAs or botanicals, are substances of plant origin added to animal diets at recommended levels with the aim of improving animal performance. Essential oils, herbs...

for a Triple Action Formulation

With a clear, documented mode of action and an advanced formulation based on three modules, Digestarom® DC results in improved palatability, enhanced digestibility, reduced intestinal challenge, better animal product quality and improved animal welfare.


Appetizing & Endogenous Secretions

The appetizing and endogenous secretion module in the coat of the Biomin® Duplex Capsule supports palatability and feed intake.


Gut Microbiota Modulation

The gut microbiota modulation module in the core of the Biomin® Duplex Capsule supports gut performance.

Gut Protection

Alongside the Biomin® Duplex Capsule, the extracts and herbs module supports gut protection.

Key features of the innovative Biomin® Duplex Capsule:

  1. Narrow range and equal particle size delivers more homogenous distribution of active compounds
  2. Enhanced pelleting stability
  3. Targeted release of active compounds in the gastro-intestinal tract

Leading Benefits

Better performance

The advanced formulation contributes to improved gut performance by supporting beneficial bacteria and gut protection. Along with improved feed intake and optimized feed conversion, the formulation improves animal performance.

Improved feed intake

Flavoring substances in the formulation contribute to enhanced palatability and support feed intake.

Optimized feed conversion

Endogenous secretions contribute to better digestibility and optimized feed conversion. Better feed conversion and performance results support a higher return on investment and more profitability.

  Control   Digestarom® DC

1 Pool - analysis of 4 piglet trials at the Center of Applied Animal Nutrition, Europe, Summer 2016 (p<0.05)
2 University trial in broilers, Southern Europe, Summer 2016 (p<0.10)

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