PoultryStar® Hatchery

PoultryStar® Hatchery is a water-soluble synbiotic designed to create competitive exclusion against opportunistic bacteria and to support gastrointestinal health.

Early application and prophylactic use of PoultryStar® Hatchery aims to make day-old chicks more resistant to the colonization of pathogens, leading to improved performance.

Main benefits

  • Decreases early mortality
  • Minimizes stress after hatching
  • Stimulates early feeding behavior

Synbiotic = probiotic plus prebiotic

PoultryStar® Hatchery uses homogenous gel droplets to deliver the synergistic action of carefully selected probiotic strains (multi-genus probiotics) with the prebiotic inulin (fructooligosaccharide derivate), which selectively stimulates beneficial bacteria by the 'Bifidogenic effect'.

Using the complete PoultryStar® program (PoultryStar® Hatchery application plus a follow-up with the PoultryStar® drinking water or feed application in barns) in commercial operations maximizes flock performance, resulting in higher weights, lower mortality, more uniform flock weight and better feed conversion ratio than control diets.

Advantages of PoultryStar® Hatchery soft gel droplets

Compared to water spray application, PoultryStar® Hatchery soft gel droplets offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Consistent and rapid delivery
  • Gel does not soak feathers
  • Maintains chicks body temperature
  • Reduces stress after hatching
  • Readily visible and attractive to the birds
  • Individual gel drops are easily consumed, and stimulate early feeding behavior
  • Minimizes waste of product
  • Gel is ensures uniform suspension when combined with vaccines, such as coccidia

“You cannot imagine how many other benefits PoultryStar® is bringing to my birds!”
- Poultry producer in Southeast Asia

Results from several, scientific, field and commercial trials demonstrate that effective early colonization of the gut by beneficial bacteria stimulates development and maturation of the bird’s immune system, improving the viability and overall quality of day-old chicks. The quality of the day-old chick contributes significantly to the success of a poultry operation. Therefore, it is essential to give birds the best start as soon as possible after hatching.

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