Three Tactics for Better Profitability in Poultry

One of the key drivers of profitability in poultry production is feed efficiency. Improving feed efficiency is an ongoing key concern for the global livestock industry. Feed costs represent anywhere from 50-80% of production costs, depending on the breed and country. Poultry producers can increase profitability in these three ways by using PFAs in their diets, as follows:

1. Increased digestibility

A key driver of feed efficiency is digestibility of raw materials. Given that there are many fluctuations in quality of different raw materials due to geographical location, temperature, extremes of weather, etc., PFAs can play a significant role. For example, scientific trial results demonstrated that when a PFA was added to a diet, the ileal digestibility of many amino acids was significantly increased, meaning higher availability of nutrients to the birds.

2. Nutrient sparing

Another strategy to increase feed efficiency and profitability is in nutrient sparing when formulating diets. Reduction of dietary energy and amino acids can have significant negative effects on animal performance when nutrients are removed. PFAs can play an important role here in recovering the lost performance while lowering the overall cost of diets.

A nutrient sparing trial in broilers carried out at the University of Serbia showed significant benefits when a PFA was added to the diet. When the PFA was added on top to a standard diet, live weight gain and FCR were improved. As the diet was reformulated to contain lower amino acids and energy, performance was reduced in the birds (lower live weight gain). However when the PFA was added to the down specified diet, performance was recovered to the same level as the standard diet. This meant a lower cost diet while maintaining performance, thus improving profitability (Figures 1 and 2).

Figure 1. Live weight improvements with Digestarom® phytogenic supplementation

Source: University of Serbia trial

Figure 2. Feed conversion improvements with Digestarom® phytogenic supplementation

Source: University of Serbia trial

3. Feed efficiency

In birds that are heat stressed, feed intakes are often compromised – impacting performance. PFAs are able to alleviate the negative consequences of heat stress. A trial containing a PFA carried out with flock of Lohmann Brown Classic birds in Germany showed a 2.3% increase in laying rate and a 19 point feed conversion improvement compared to the control group in a heat stressed environment, together with higher egg mass and average egg weights. The return on investment for the egg producer was 7:1.