BIOMIN Participates at 2nd MycoKey International Conference in Wuhan China

Co-sponsored by Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Society of Plant Protection and Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Mycokey conference aims to develop innovative and comprehensive solutions and urge the stakeholders to continuously and effectively manage mycotoxin in the food and feed production.

With the global warming, changing of cultivation systems and polarization of toxic fungi in recent years, the ever increasing mycotoxin pollution has imposed huge challenges to the global food safety, economy and trading. Mycokey is a special inter-governmental cooperation project jointly supported by China’s National Key R&D Plan and European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program.

Gerd Schatzmayr - Lessons learned from more than 20 years of research in mycotoxin detoxification

This conference provides the governments, scientific researchers, and enterprises with a platform for academic exchanges. Professionals and experts from a number of countries, such as China, Italy, Austria, US, and Japan, have made in-depth discussions and exchanges and delivered important speeches on mycotoxin monitoring and warning and field control, diversity and monitoring of toxic fungi, functional genomics of toxic fungi, mycotoxin detecting technologies, post-harvest toxin governance, and food processing and toxicology.

Gerd Schatzmayr, a research director from BIOMIN Research Center in Austria, delivered a speech on “Lessons learned from more than 20 years of research in mycotoxin detoxification” during a break-out session on Tuesday afternoon.

This conference has built a platform for domestic and international exchanges and discussions on comprehensive administration of mycotoxin, demonstrated the efforts and latest achievements made by the scientists from various countries in the field of mycotoxin control, increased global awareness of mycotoxin control, and expanded the cooperation among global networks, making great contributions to the development of global mycotoxin control technologies, management techniques, and industries.