Mycotoxin Survey in US corn: December 2018 update

Our December update from the annual BIOMIN PROcheck mytocoxin survey in corn harvested in 2018 includes 232 samples from 25 states. Thus far, clear trends of mycotoxin prevalence and contamination levels were observed.

  • 94% of samples were positive for at least one mycotoxin, vs 91% in 2017
  • 60% of samples had more than one mycotoxin, vs 44% in 2017
  • Aflatoxin prevalence has jumped to 9% vs 3% in 2017, with average contamination levels increasing over 10 fold
  • Deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin) prevalence has decreased to 65% vs 78% in 2017, with average contamination level increasing by 20%
  • Fumonisin prevalence has increased to 67% vs 45% in 2017, with average contamination levels increasing by 60%
  • Zearalenone prevalence has mildly increased to 38% vs 32% in 2017

These contamination levels present MEDIUM to HIGH risk for all livestock and poultry species. Overall, producers in the Midwest should be on the lookout for the impacts from deoxynivalenol and zearalenone, while Southern states should be vigilant regarding fumonisin and aflatoxin contamination.

Take a look at our full report here which also includes multi-year trend data.