Science & Solutions Special Issue: R&D


Science & Solutions Special Issue: R&D

Two Advanced Tools for Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance
EPI assays and qPCR are two of several tools that BIOMIN scientists and researchers use to better understand and potentially combat the mechanisms of antibiotic resistance.

Next-Generation Sequencing Reveals Links Between Nutrition and Genes
Next-generation RNA sequencing tools create new possibilities for understanding animal growth, health and performance

3 Keys to Ensuring Proper Active Substance Delivery
Achieving homogenous distribution, thermostability and controlled release are all necessary for proper formulation of an effective feed additive.

Biomarkers: A Beacon for Understanding In Vivo Processes
Biomarkers are crucial to the science of gut performance and mycotoxin risk management.

6 Tools to Measure Gut Microbiota Modulation and Gut Performance
Gut microbiota modulation and gut integrity are important to evaluate an animal's gut health and overall health status.