Science & Solutions No. 51 - Poultry


Science & Solutions No. 51 - Poultry

Antibiotic Resistance Key to Understanding Efforts to Curtail Antibiotics in Poultry
The reduction and removal of antibiotics from poultry feeds is now a common theme for producers. This is due to rising levels of antimicrobial resistance and not because of the antibiotics themselves. Ensuring that antibiotics are only used for the treatment of disease in birds will relieve pressure on the industry, but at what price to poultry performance?

Your Toolbox for Antibiotic Reduction
The steady pursuit of antibiotic reduction in livestock across the globe means that the industry will have to learn to master a new set of tools to support performance and maintain competitiveness.

What’s Wrong With My Birds? 11 – Lameness Conditions (Management)
A handy diagnostic checklist ofsymptoms, causes and remedies.

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