Research - at the heart of BIOMIN

Research and development is the cornerstone of all we do. All application-oriented basic research is conducted by our in-house R&D team at the BIOMIN Research Center (BRC) at Campus Tulln in Austria.

Collaborations with global institutions and organisations strengthen the BIOMIN research core. Synergies from these research collaborations inspire us to push the boundaries of animal nutrition and continue developing customer-oriented solutions that are a step ahead of the competition.

Through joint projects with universities and research institutes, BIOMIN is constantly in touch with the latest scientific knowhow, from which novel feed additives are developed and produced. We currently collaborate with over 150 institutions worldwide.

BIOMIN Research

BIOMIN Research Center

The BIOMIN Research Center (BRC) in Tulln houses the BIOMIN research teams in discovery and scouting, enzymology, bioprocess development, analytical chemistry, gutomics, cell biology and bioactive ingredient formulation.

Our scientists work to develop new methods, frequently down to the molecular level, as tools that lay the foundation for new inventions in the animal feed industry.

BIOMIN Research Center in Tulln, Austria

Development Department in Getzersdorf

Extending the research at our centres (BRC and CAN), nutritionists at the Development Department in Getzersdorf, where BIOMIN’s headquarters is established, tap on these new ingredients to design novel feed additives.

Product prototypes are also tested vigorously by the team at the Development Department, before they are introduced to the market. 

Development Department in Getzersdorf, Austria

Campus Tulln

BIOMIN researchers  cooperate with expert scientists at the Campus Tulln to develop new ingredients that can be effectively applied in various fields of animal science.

Research Campus in Tulln, Austria

Centers for Applied Animal Nutrition

BIOMIN has a number of trial facilities known as Centers for Applied Animal Nutrition (CANs).

These facilities and partnerships with universities and research institutions that make up a global research network facilitate the application and testing of BIOMIN products.

Aquaculture Center for Applied Nutrition (ACAN) in Thailand

Research Activities

Our dedicated research teams develop new methods, frequently down to the molecular level, as tools for inventing new solutions for the animal feed industry.

Discovery and Scouting

Discovery and Scouting
  • Investigation of microbial activities and metabolic pathways
  • Finding and characterization of new enzymes
  • Early prototyping

“Beyond the horizon - biology and technology for the future of animal nutrition”


  • Gene expression and purification of recombinant enzymes
  • Enzyme activity assays and enzyme kinetics
  • Enzyme development by protein engineering

“Nature's catalysts - we harness them for mycotoxin remediation and safe animal nutrition”

Bioprocess Development

Bioprocess Development
  • Development of bioprocesses for microbes and enzymes
  • Optimization of fermentation processes
  • Development and optimization of downstream processes
  • Upscaling of bioprocesses

“From one cell to billions of cells—turning scientific findings into practical applications”

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry
  • HPLC analysis of organic acids, carbohydrates, nucleotides and plant extracts
  • LC-MS/MS analysis of mycotoxins and biomarkers
  • GC-MS analysis of phytogenic active compounds
  • Studying the effects of substances on rumen fermentation in vitro

“Breaking things down to the molecules—we analyze exactly how our products work”


  • Discovery of gut microbes with exciting properties, such as pathogen inhibition
  • DNA-based analysis of the gut microbiome diversity and composition
  • Metagenomics to explore the functional potential in microbial community genomes
  • Transcriptomics to study the animals‘ response at the RNA level (host gene expression)

“Fundamental understanding of a healthy gut and its response to diet”

Cell Biology

Cell Biology
  • Screening and testing of substances on 16+ different cell lines from 7 different animal species
  • Establishing new tissue and cell culture models
  • Investigating immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects
  • Studying intestinal barrier function in vitro and in vivo
  • Evaluation of feeding trials

“We study animal cells for a better understanding of the mode of action of feed additives”

Bioactive ingredient formulation (BIF)

Bioactive ingredient formulation (BIF)
  • Development and optimization of drying processes
  • Formulation and encapsulation processes to maximize the performance of bioactive ingredients
  • Characterization and evaluation of formulations to guarantee customer satisfaction

“We boost the performance of bioactives with tailor-made formulation design and targeted release”