Science & Solutions No. 59 - Poultry

How are you managing the recent poultry industry challenges?

The poultry industry is continuously evolving, adding extra pressure to poultry producers. It is important to stay naturally ahead in order to respond to challenges.

Lately in the USA and Europe, there has been increasing demand from the market for eggs produced by layers kept in welfare-friendly environments. The layer industry quickly embraced this new challenge, switching from cage to cage-free systems. This has led to a new way of keeping birds by altering the management, health and nutrition strategies adopted on the farm. Another challenge has been the extreme weather conditions seen this summer in the northern hemisphere with temperatures of over 30°C in the United Kingdom and Scandinavian Peninsula. High environmental temperatures are among the most important causes of poor performance in the poultry industry. Birds, when exposed to extreme conditions, are not able to establish an optimal thermic balance, causing heat stress.
A continual challenge is the reduction of antibiotics. In this issue of Science & Solutions, we discuss how to reduce the usage of antibiotics for prophylaxis and metaphylaxis or total replacement of antibiotic growth promoters. The first article shows the effect of a permeabilizing complex combined with a mix of organic acids for better management of Gram-negative pathogens.
In this issue, we also highlight the benefits of using phytogenics, synbiotics and enhanced organic acids to maintain good health status and high production performance levels of birds, especially in challenging situations such as heat stress, and during periods of adaptation to new environments (i.e. moving to a cage-free system).

Enjoy reading this issue of Science & Solutions, keeping you naturally informed.


New Scientific Results on Natural Growth Promotion in Broilers vs. An Antibiotic Growth Promoter
The reduced use of antibiotics for prophylaxis and metaphylaxis or total replacement of antibiotic growth promoters is one of the main topics in animal production. In a press release issued on 19 June 2018, the European Parliament informally agreed new rules on more responsible ways to produce, sell and use medicated animal feed to tackle the spread of antimicrobial resistance. Antonia Tacconi explains how Biotronic® Top3, an enhanced organic acid, positively influences broiler production in the absence of antibiotics.

5 Tips to Increase Profits From Cage-Free Egg Production
Egg producers can address the additional costs and new challenges of moving hens into cage-free environments by focusing on these five factors.

Reducing the Impact of Heat Stress Using Synbiotics
Heat stress negatively affects bird performance around the world. Synbiotics are an interesting tool for reducing this negative impact. Synbiotics modulate the immune response to the stress caused by high temperatures, consequently improving bird performance.