Science & Solutions No. 63 - Poultry

Water Management and Acidification

Poultry production is very complex, with many factors under constant scrutiny by managers and owners during each production cycle. The key to keeping naturally ahead is to pay special attention to all inputs, applying suitable management techniques and strategies to adjust conditions to optimize performance outputs. One farm input that is frequently overlooked in both layer and broiler units is the water supply. 

In this issue of Science & Solutions, the BIOMIN team explains how important water is for poultry production, not only in terms of quantity, but also quality. Many farms simply connect to the local or town water supply without checking its quality or cleanliness. The use of organic acids can dramatically improve the quality of water by decreasing bacterial counts. Additionally, lowering the pH of the water in the crop can indirectly improve the digestibility of the feed, leading to further performance benefits.

Campylobacter is one of the biggest concerns on any poultry farm. Although research is ongoing, there is no vaccine against Campylobacter currently available. Birds are able to carry Campylobacter without showing any signs, which makes control of these bacteria particularly difficult. As Mark Karimi and Richard Markus explain in the second article, prevention is the best way to tackle Campylobacter, and they offer ten tips on doing so.

Enjoy reading this issue of Science & Solutions, keeping you naturally informed.

In this issue

How to Improve Poultry Drinking Water Quality with Acidification
Without enough water, chickens are unable to reach their performance potential. However, ensuring an adequate water supply is not enough. Careful and thorough water management is necessary on a daily basis to prevent any health issues that may result from poor water hygiene. Adding an acidifier to the water can help maintain water quality and promote bird performance.

10 Tips to Control Campylobacter on Your Poultry Farm
Understand the scope and extent of the risk posed by Campylobacter in broilers, and apply these 10 tips to make improvements to food safety.

Proving the Efficacy of Biotronic® Top Liquid in Water Sanitation
Biotronic® Top liquid reduced E. coli counts in the intestinal tract and liver, and reduced colibacillosis lesion scores.