Science & Solutions No. 64 - Swine

Challenges in pig production: new and old

There is a constant demand for profitability and productivity in pig production, and producers must overcome challenges old and new to reach these goals.

In this issue of Science & Solutions, we will show you how to overcome these production challenges. The current tendency is to use antibiotics more prudently and stop using them as growth promoters. This creates the need to validate alternative natural nutritional additives.

One of the stages where we are most concerned with controlling health challenges is the post-weaning stage. In this edition, we will show you how using a combination of products based on organic acids, permeabilizing complexes and phytogenic additives can give consistent results, maintaining performance and controlling enteric challenges. These results make good productivity possible with fewer antibiotics and lower ammonia emissions.

We will show you how mycotoxins are an old challenge that interferes with fertility in breeding stock. Good management of mycotoxin risks will improve the reproductive indices that are critical to highly productive stock.

Postpartum dysgalactia syndrome (PDS) is another significant challenge to the breeding herd, reducing colostrum and milk production, and increasing piglet mortality in the farrowing unit. One way to minimize this problem is to use phytogenics in the breeding stock, as they can reduce the incidence of PDS by modulating the microbiota, which improves gut health and also provides other benefits.

Farms that manage to control these challenges will be more productive, and probably more profitable.

Enjoy reading this issue of Science & Solutions, keeping you naturally informed.


How to Improve Weaned Piglet Performance Naturally with Organic Acids and Phytogenic Feed Additives
Piglets are especially susceptible to infectious diseases because of their immature immune systems, and piglet health must be protected as much as possible to ensure the future success of the herd. When added to the diet, a combination of organic acids and phytogenic feed additives can combat a wide range of bacteria, supporting gastrointestinal tract development and promoting optimal piglet performance.

The Effect of Mycotoxins on Swine Fertility
Mycotoxins are found in most raw materials worldwide. The annual BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey indicates an increasing incidence of co-contamination, where more than one mycotoxin is found in each sample. Mycotoxins have a direct and negative effect on reproductive performance in pigs, and mitigating these is essential in high-performing pig units.

Nutritional Strategies to Prevent Postpartum Dysgalactia Syndrome in Lactating Sows
Postpartum dysgalactia syndrome (PDS) in lactating sows is very costly, as it prevents the newborn piglet getting the vital early nutrition it needs to survive and thrive. Phytogenic feed additives can be used to support sow health before, during and after farrowing to prevent PDS from affecting herd performance.