Science & Solutions Special Issue: PFA Survey 2018

Phytogenic use set to flourish

Phytogenic feed additives (PFAs) are a relatively new addition to the animal feed market. Bringing such novelty to the market takes years of research and development. BIOMIN has been committed to the improvement of phytogenic products for the past thirty years, and that commitment continues every day. Research and development is ongoing to ensure the Digestarom® product line is the best it can possibly be.

What really matters is how a feed additive performs in the field. BIOMIN recently conducted the second Phytogenic Feed Additives Survey, which gathered responses from feed industry professionals around the world on PFA use and experiences. The most notable result was that 60% of respondents reported an intention to increase their use of PFAs in the coming 12 months. Not only does this reinforce the importance of PFAs in the animal feed industry, but it also shows how much more awareness there is about the range of benefits PFA inclusion can deliver.
Phytogenic products are plant-based compounds with a range of biological properties that deliver a number of advantages in the animal. The top two reasons for PFA use as reported by survey respondents were their ability to enhance the digestibility of feed, and their antimicrobial effects. In addition, PFAs were also cited as an important part of a strategy to reduce the amount of antibiotics used in feed. We expect this to be of particular interest to those in certain regions of the world where antibiotic use for growth promotion will be prohibited.
In this special issue of Science & Solutions magazine, as well as sharing the results of the 2018 PFA Survey, we also highlight some results from recent field trials with Digestarom® in poultry diets. The trials show a number of benefits when Digestarom® is added to the diet, including improvements in FCR, body weight gain, productivity index and laying rate. Similar success has been documented in the numerous trials with Digestarom® in swine, ruminant and aquatic farmed species.
BIOMIN is committed to continually improving the Digestarom® product line to fully address customer needs. Sharing the information we have gathered in order to make that happen will keep you naturally ahead.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who took part in the survey, and we wish our customers around the world continued success.


Science & Solutions Special Issue: PFA Survey 20182018 BIOMIN Phytogenic Feed Additives Survey
The views of more than seven hundred agribusiness professionals on the use of phytogenic feed additives (PFAs) reveal a number of interesting insights regarding motivations for using PFAs.

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