BIOMIN Launches PoultryStar® Hatchery Gel Drop Synbiotic for Day Old Chicks

“The quality of day-old chicks is of great importance to the poultry industry,” observed Luis Valenzuela, Product Manager at BIOMIN. “With PoultryStar® Hatchery we have built upon the existing success of PoultryStar® by creating a gel drop application that supports gastrointestinal health development from day one,” he stated.

PoultryStar® Hatchery uses homogenous gel droplets to deliver the synergistic action of carefully selected probiotic bacterial strains with a prebiotic that selectively stimulates beneficial bacteria that are essential for good poultry gut health.

Water-soluble gel drop

Probiotics application using water spray can soak the feathers of hatchlings, submitting them to unnecessary stress. With the PoultryStar® Hatchery gel application, chicks’ instinctive preening means that intact droplets are preened off their down within seconds, and probiotic strains are quickly delivered to the gastrointestinal tract.

“One day can make the difference as to which bacteria colonize the gut first,” stated Mr. Valenzuela. “PoultryStar® Hatchery minimizes post-vaccination stress, stimulates early feeding behavior and seeds the gut with specific bacteria for a strong start.”

A full toolbox

PoultryStar® Hatchery is the latest product within the PoultryStar® product line, which includes applications for feed and drinking water.

“Applying PoultryStar® at the hatchery plus the follow up application in the next production stage with PoultryStar® products in the feed or drinking water has proven to increase liveablity and body weight at the first week,” said Mr. Valenzuela.

The complete PoultryStar® in commercial operations has proven to maximize flock performance, resulting in higher weight, lower losses, increased flock weight uniformity and reduced feed conversion ratios compared to control diets.

Introduction in Asia Pacific

BIOMIN will present PoultryStar® Hatchery to customers in Hall 103 Booth #2050 at VIV Asia 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand from 13 to 15 March.

Customers are invited to visit BIOMIN stand in VIV Asia 2019 to talk to our experts and to attend the Antimicrobial Stewardship Seminar sponsored by BIOMIN on 14 March at BITEC.