Feed Efficiency & Performance

In the context of limited feed raw materials and high prices, it is important to optimize feed conversion ratios to achieve more efficient production. Maintaining a well-functioning digestive system is essential for the well-being and top performance of fish and shrimp.

Sub-optimal digestion can lead to bacterial overgrowth and intestinal destabilization, such as scouring. Therefore, maintaining a stable digestive system is a key factor towards protecting animals against enteric imbalances and securing performance.

In order to improve feed efficiency and animal performance, phytogenic feed additives can be a sustainable and natural solution. Phytogenic feed additives improve the palatability of feeds, stimulate appetite and increase feed intake. Phytogenics remain active throughout the gastrointestinal tract and will consequently stimulate the digestive secretions, providing relief from intestinal imbalances in addition to modulation of the intestinal microbiota.

Beyond the clear positive effects on feed efficiency, through nutrient sparing, formulation costs can be optimized at the same time. This reduces the environmental impact as raw materials are used more efficiently and waste discharges are reduced.

Digestarom® is a specifically formulated phytogenic feed additive that supports digestion and feed efficiency. The Digestarom® product portfolio offers species-specific phytogenic solutions, as well as multi-species solutions (Digestarom® P.E.P. line), to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way.




Digestarom® is a specifically formulated phytogenic product designed to support digestion and feed efficiency by combining unique flavoring properties with biologically active properties. Digestarom® is suitable for use in poultry, pig, ruminant, fish and shrimp feed.

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