Raw Material Preservation

Poultry feed

Raw material preservation is a worldwide problem, especially as raw materials imported from distant regions (e.g. soybean meal) typically endure long transit periods in shipping.

Raw material preservation focuses on minimizing microbial contamination, mold growth, oxidative processes, the production of toxins, growth of cereal pests and the subsequent risks to health. Preservation also prevents losses in nutrient availability of raw materials.

Efficient raw material preservation can include both biological (drying/dehydration, heat, low temperature, anaerobiosis) and chemical means (use of antioxidants or organic acids).

The use of organic acids offers a relatively low-cost but highly effective strategy.


Biomin® CleanGrain liquid

Biomin® CleanGrain liquid is a unique blend of active substances for the preservation of grains and by-products. Due to its well-balanced formulation, Biomin® CleanGrain liquid provides excellent protection against spoilage caused by molds, yeast and bacteria during the aerobic and anaerobic preservation of grains and by-products.

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