Further development of FUMzyme® authorized under Regulation (EU) 2018/1568

Further development of FUMzyme®
Further development of FUMzyme®

BIOMIN has a pipeline of research and development for enzyme-based approaches to mycotoxins. FUMzyme® is the first and only purified enzyme proven for the management of mycotoxins. Fumonisins are able to be bound reasonably well in acidic gastric conditions but binding at the higher pH levels of the intestinal tract are more limited. Biotransformation is the effective approach to take and FUMzyme® is the only proven biotransformation product for fumonisins.

Any significant step forward in production of the FUMzyme® requires a new EU authorization complete with its own scientific evaluations of efficacy, specificity and safety. In this case the selection and development of a new strain of Komagatella (also known as Pichia, DSM 32159) yeast to produce the enzyme more efficiently was the reason for a new registration process. A growing list of scientific publications and the latest EFSA opinion adds weight to the scientifically-proven status of FUMzyme®.

BIOMIN has two other authorized ingredients, Mycofix® Secure for the binding of aflatoxin B1 and BIOMIN’s DONzyme® approach (BBSH®797) for the biotransformation of all trichothecenes including deoxynivalenol. With this recent registration BIOMIN is the only company in the EU that applied for and received 6 different authorizations for products/components in the European Union as technological feed additives in the respective group “Substances for the reduction of the contamination of feed by mycotoxins”. 

FUMzyme® is available as part of the Mycofix® product line.