Science & Solutions No. 65 - Ruminants

Boosting milk production profitably

No matter where your operation is located, when it comes to raising cows, ensuring profitable production is at the forefront of your mind. Supporting and improving your herd's performance to maximize output requires close management and the very best inputs to ensure you stay naturally ahead.

In this issue of Science & Solutions magazine, we explore a number of topics related to improving performance. Digestarom®, the phytogenic feed additive in the BIOMIN gut performance range, delivers a number of benefits when included in rations for both calves and mature animals. Bryan Miller shares some trial results showing how Digestarom® increased milk production in an already high-performance dairy herd.

The benefits of Digestarom® can also be seen in younger animals, including beef calves. Improving creep feed palatability for nursing calves can increase feed intake,  improving weight gain and ultimately increasing profits.

However, dietary supplements cannot mask poor quality raw materials. Vesna Jenkins explains the importance of getting the ensiling process right when storing forage materials. Silage makes up a big part of a total mixed ration, so making sure you start with excellent quality forage can dramatically improve herd performance. Finally, part nine in our series looking at common herd problems focuses on rumen fermentation and the importance of getting the right balance of bacteria in the gut.

Enjoy reading this issue, keeping you naturally informed.

In this issue

Boosting Milk Yield with Digestarom® Dairy
An investigation into the benefits of Digestarom® Dairy has revealed its ability to boost milk production in both heifers and mature cows. In addition to its other benefits, this phytogenic feed additive from BIOMIN can reduce inflammation, putting cows in a better energy balance and enabling increased milk production.

How Creep-Feeding Calves Can Boost Growth and Profits
Supplying young calves with supplementary feed enables growth rates to increase towards their maximum potential, and reduces stress during the hungry-calf gap. Creep feeding potentially delivers many benefits to businesses wishing to increase productivity, acting as the first step to greater growth and profitability at later stages.

Ensuring Excellent Silage Quality
Silage is an important part of the total mixed ration (TMR) and is a valuable nutrient source for cows throughout the year. Getting the ensiling process right is vital to ensure good quality silage, and consequent herd performance.

What's Wrong With My Herd? Part 9 – Rumen Fermentation
A handy diagnostic checklist of symptoms, causes and remedies.