Science & Solutions No. 56 - Swine

Pork production in a new context

Animal production is a dynamic environment. A continuous trade-off occurs between meeting increasing demands, environmental impacts, welfare concerns, producing a safe product, and respecting consumer preferences. The risk of antibiotic resistance, regulatory pressure and consumer demand for antibiotic-free products have spurred the reduction of antibiotic usage globally. The environmental impact of therapeutic levels of zinc in piglet feeds has dictated a search for alternatives.

There is no “silver bullet” for solving these challenges. Instead, a holistic approach focusing on different aspects of production like management, health, biosecurity and nutrition is required. However, natural feed additives can be a piece of the puzzle. BIOMIN is a pioneer of naturally ahead thinking, developing products and services in this context.
In this issue of Science & Solutions, we consider the postweaning challenge in an antibiotic- and zinc-free context. We use different perspectives to build on the holistic approach.
A review of the history of zinc oxide use in pig production is followed by the main factors affecting post-weaning diarrhea, concluding with useful tips in order to control it. The BIOMIN product portfolio is reviewed for alternatives to antibiotics and we share recent trial results in weaning piglets that show the potential and added value of using both Biotronic® Top3 and Digestarom® P.E.P.

Finally, an eight-step guide on sampling for mycotoxins is presented. Considering the inhomogeneous mycotoxin distribution pattern in feeds, preparing a representative sample from a feed batch is of paramount importance when implementing an efficient mycotoxin management program.

Enjoy reading this issue of Science & Solutions, keeping you naturally informed.


Science & Solutions No. 56 - Swine

Life After Zinc Oxide – 3 Tips for Tackling Post- Weaning Diarrhea
Post-weaning diarrhea is a problem for pig producers all around the world that has a big impact on future pig performance. With both antibiotics and now zinc oxide being removed from piglet diets in the EU, the pig industry is shifting its attention to new strategies to overcome this problem in young pigs.

Natural Feed Additives As Alternatives to In-Feed Antibiotics in Nursery Pigs
Intensive pig production puts additional stress on the weaned piglet at a time of already heightened vulnerability to infections. With a global trend towards the reduction and elimination of antibiotics for growth promotion from pig diets, natural alternatives can be used to close the performance gap.

8 Steps for Taking the Perfect Sample For Mycotoxin Analysis
BIOMIN guides you through the sampling process in eight simple steps, ensuring that the results obtained from your final sample represent the mycotoxin levels in your whole batch.

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