BIOMIN highlights the impact, prevalence and management of mycotoxins in poultry at 4th WVPAAM

At the two-day conference, BIOMIN Asia-Pacific Regional Technical Director Dr. Tan Seong Lim delivered a compelling presentation on the impact, prevalence and management of mycotoxins in poultry. He spoke of the impact of mycotoxins, including aflatoxins, deoxynivalenol and fumonisins on poultry. Dr. Tan explained that mycotoxins lead to a decrease in performance, reproductive disorders, immunosuppression, and result in higher susceptibility to diseases, which are major concerns for the industry. The findings from the BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey Program supported the cause for concern—an overwhelming 74% of samples tested in 2017 contained at least one mycotoxin type above the risk level. Dr. Tan stressed that co-contamination, or multiple contamination of mycotoxins, is a serious threat as the synergistic effects of mycotoxins impact animals on a much larger scale than single mycotoxins. Therefore, a sound mycotoxin risk management strategy is needed to effectively counteract the negative effects of mycotoxin in animals.

Dr. Tan concluded his presentation succinctly, stating, “Mycotoxins can affect poultry in many ways, ranging from liver damage, gizzard erosions and reproductive failures, to immunosuppression that leads to decreased vaccine efficacy and increased susceptibility to common poultry diseases. Other effects include increased intestinal disruption due to physical damage to the intestinal epithelium, poor feather production and uneven growth. All of this results in economic losses to the producer. Different mycotoxin risk management strategies need to be adopted in order to successfully tackle this menace. A three-pronged approach, such as one offered by Mycofix®, deploying adsorption, biotransformation and bioprotection strategies, works best to mitigate the negative effects of mycotoxicoses in poultry.”

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