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The barrier function

Livestock production today has to overcome major challenges, such as increased cost of feed ingredients and disease outbreaks, in order to increase production efficiently to feed the growing world...

Gut health for a brighter future

A balanced gut microflora protects poultry of all ages from colonisation by pathogenic bacteria. With the phasing out of antibiotic growth promoters, the synergistic action of probiotics and...

Intake factors in dairy cattle

Regardless of species, dry matter intake is a primary determinant of final production. Increasing dry matter intake in dairy cattle is paramount to maximising production.

Planning for silage success

The year-end is a good time to evaluate the quality of the past year’s silage and plan for achieving even better silage next year.

Winning by weaning right

Successful weaning management requires a holistic approach that considers piglet behaviour, the importance of quality feed nutrition for both post-parturition sows and post-weaning piglets, and the...