BIOMIN Takes Mycotoxin Academy to More Regions in India

A total of over 500 customers and poultry players participated in these Academies, which facilitated knowledge transfer between BIOMIN experts and customers. The events were also the testimony to the commitment by the innovative feed additive firm in creating awareness about the mycotoxin risk awareness in India and providing innovative solutions to the problem.

Following the first leg of Mycotoxin Academies in north India in July, the second leg of these signature events began in Hyderabad. On August 14, the event was held at Radisson Hitec City in Hyderabad, followed by another event in Coimbatore, held at Le Meridien on August 16.

At the Coimbatore Mycotoxin Academy, Dr A Natarajan, Professor and Head, Animal Feed Analytical and Quality Assurance Laboratory of Veterinary College and Research Institute, Namakkal participated as guest speaker and offered invaluable insights to the participants.

The final leg of the Mycotoxin Academies began in Pune on August 29 at Hotel Conrad, followed by another event at Hotel Swissotel in Kolkata on August 30.

In his introductory speech, Edward Manchester, Regional Director, BIOMIN Asia Pacific highlighted the company values and explained that Mycotoxin Risk Management and Gut Health Management are the two pillars for BIOMIN.
“R&D is the cornerstone for BIOMIN and we are the first and only company with an EU authorization of three ingredients in the group of feed additives for mycotoxin deactivation,” he added.

Participating in all the Mycotoxin Academies as lead speaker, Eileen Han, Regional Product Manager – Mycotoxin Risk Management, BIOMIN Asia-Pacific explained about the risks and impacts of mycotoxins in poultry with data from BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey Report.

“When it comes to counteracting mycotoxins, the poultry industry tends to think of ‘toxin binders’ first. However, clay mineral binders are not an effective answer to all major mycotoxins,” said Ms Han, and added that a combination of different strategies like biotransformation and bioprotection can counteract the negative effects of mycotoxins in poultry more completely.

It may be noted that the key to the effectiveness of Mycofix® product line from BIOMIN is its three-pronged strategy of mycotoxin control, namely: biotransformation, adsorption and bioprotection.

Gangga Widyanugraha, Regional Technical Sales Manager – Poultry in his presentation on “Feed testing and Necropsy” highlighted the prevalence of mycotoxin in poultry in India. He also quoted various instances of the mycotoxin risks he found from the extensive postmortem analyses of birds he had done across India.

Keerthivasan Chandrasekar, Digital Marketing Executive in his presentation on the digital media initiatives being done by the company in India and pointed out that staying connected with the official social media handles of the company on Facebook and Twitter will be of immense benefit to the farmers.

Apart from this, he also explained about using Mycofix® App and accessing key findings of the BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey and articles from Science & Solutions to the farmers.

BIOMIN has conducted the Mycotoxin Survey Program annually since 2004 and the accumulated number of samples is already over 75,000, which makes the program the largest worldwide data pool for mycotoxin analyses.

On the success of Mycotoxin Academies in India, Sujit Kulkarni, Managing Director, BIOMIN India commented that the company has now reached all key locations in India in creating awareness about mycotoxin risk management.

“It is a proud moment for all of us and I would like to thank the entire BIOMIN team for their support and commitment in making this concept a great success,” he said and added that BIOMIN will continue to do such innovative programs, which sets them apart.

The Mycotoxin Academies were a cobranding initiative by BIOMIN, which was supported by its supply chain partners, Tara Group, Sri Amman Enterprises, Ayugen and SM Marketing for the events held in Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Pune and Kolkata respectively.

Sales Directors Shriraj Sirmokadam, Rajan Seralathan, Neeraj Singh and Regional Sales Manager Praveen Reddy took active part in planning and coordinating the events in their respective territories and ensured the success of the Mycotoxin Academies.