BIOMIN at International Pig Veterinary Congress 2018

BIOMIN recently participated in the four-day International Pig Veterinary Congress 2018 (IPVS) in Chongqing, China, which ran from 11-14 June 2018. To showcase its commitment to the swine industry, BIOMIN participated with a gold sponsorship at this event, allowing the company to also exhibit its products and services at a 36sqm booth space.

Siyeong Choi, Regional Technical Sales Manager – Swine

The 25th edition of IPVS was organized by the International Pig Veterinary Society, in collaboration with the Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, China Agricultural University and Beijing Boyar Communications. This event also marks the Congress’ debut show in China after 50 years of history.

Through active participation in the International Pig Veterinary Congress (IPVS), BIOMIN demonstrated its capabilities in scientific research and development. In the 2017 BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey, 71% of total collected samples were tested and found to have more than one mycotoxin present, further confirming the message on the high prevalence of mycotoxins worldwide, and especially so in Asia. The BIOMIN team was on site to explain to visitors about the importance of the Mycofix® product line in decreasing the risk of mycotoxins.

Alexandro Marchioro, Regional Product Manager – Mycotoxin Risk Management

Siyeong Choi, Regional Technical Sales Manager – Swine, represented BIOMIN in her presentation of “Compounds of organic acids, cinnamaldehyde and Permeabilizing Complex™ (PC) impact on growth performance and modulation of gut microbiome in weaning piglets”, showcasing the BIOMIN expertise in the enhanced acidifier product range Biotronic®.

Alexandro Marchioro, Regional Product Manager – Mycotoxin Risk Management, and Elisabeth Mayer, Research Team Leader, also displayed their technical expertise in their poster presentations on “Biotransformation of Deoxynivalenol by enzymes produced by bacteria of the Coriobacteriaceae family in pigs" and “In the presence of deoxynivalenol (DON), CD4+ T cells with a pro-inflammatory cytokine profile are enriched in the porcine liver” respectively.

The sales team from China and other parts of Asia also used this opportunity to touch base with visitors, to demonstrate how the Biomin® Solutions will allow sustainable growth in the swine industry.