BIOMIN World Mycotoxin Survey Q3 2017

BIOMIN World Mycotoxin Survey Q3 2017

This conclusion emerged from

  • more than 51197 analyses
  • conducted on 13153 finished feed and raw commodity samples
  • sourced from 69 countries
  • from January to September 2017.


  • Elevated levels of mycotoxins detected in the first half of 2017 persist in many regions worldwide.
  • While, corn (maize) and its by-products are commonly contaminated by mycotoxins, other feed ingredients such as soybeans appear to have a heightened risk of contamination.
  • Co-contamination of samples by multiple mycotoxins is quite frequent. A full 75% of samples tested for multiple mycotoxins were shown to contain 2 or more mycotoxins.

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