BIOMIN Launches Spectrum Top 50® Advanced Mycotoxin Detection Service

10 September 2018 – BIOMIN has recently introduced a new, innovative mycotoxin detection service for customers globally. Spectrum Top 50 allows for the identification of more than 50 different mycotoxins and metabolites in finished feed and raw materials. 

“Regular testing for regulated mycotoxins is an accepted part of an effective mycotoxin risk management program,” observed Ms Ursula Hofstetter, Head of Global Product Management Mycotoxins at BIOMIN.

 “With Spectrum Top 50, customers will have access to a powerful new method to uncover previously undetected masked and emerging mycotoxins lurking in their feed in addition to the regulated ones,” explained Ms Hofstetter. 

“We expect customers to benefit from getting a full view of the mycotoxin situation in their feed, and the speed and scope of Spectrum Top 50 is unmatched in the market,” she added. 


Scientific research and guidance from authorities have signaled that there is cause for concern regarding masked mycotoxins that cannot be detected by conventional methods, as well as so-called ‘emerging’ mycotoxins whose effects are still being discovered. 

For example, masked and certain acetylated forms of deoxynivalenol (DON or vomitoxin) are readily transformed back to DON in the intestine1 and then able to pose a threat to animal health and performance.

Recent findings in regards to the effects of emerging mycotoxins in livestock show signs of toxicity and underscore the need for further research.  


Jan Vanbrabant

“Applying the most advanced scientific solutions to issues our clients encounter due to mycotoxin contamination has always been a guiding principle for us as a company,” stated Jan Vanbrabant, Managing Director of BIOMIN and Executive Board Chairman of ERBER Group. 

The mycotoxin detection service to help BIOMIN clients identify mycotoxin issues closely complements its leading mycotoxin deactivating feed additive, Mycofix®.  

“With Spectrum Top 50, we have extended our mycotoxin risk management offering to help customers achieve state-of-the-art detection and protection,” noted Ms Hofstetter. 

Spectrum Top 50 relies upon liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) technology using a method developed by Romer Labs. “The new service demonstrates the clear synergies that benefit customers of ERBER Group companies,” concluded Mr Vanbrabant. Both BIOMIN and Romer Labs are a part of ERBER Group. 


  1. Scientific Opinion from EFSA CONTAM Panel published 11 September 2017


BIOMIN harnesses the power of science to support animal health and performance. By applying state-of-the-art and proprietary technology, BIOMIN delivers natural, sustainable and profitable solutions to the livestock industry. For over 35 years, BIOMIN has pioneered innovative solutions for mycotoxin risk management and gut performance. Naturally Ahead. 

Romer Labs

Romer Labs is a leading global supplier of diagnostic solutions for food and feed safety. It offers a broad range of innovative tests and services covering mycotoxins, food pathogens, food allergens, gluten, GMO, veterinary drug residues, and other food contaminants. Furthermore, Romer Labs operates four accredited, full-service laboratories on three continents. 


ERBER Group is a leading group of companies in the field of food and feed safety, with focusing on natural feed additives, feed and food analysis and plant protection with headquarters in Austria/Getzersdorf. It generated a turnover of about 325 million euros in 2017. ERBER Group consists of BIOMIN, ROMER LABS, SANPHAR and EFB. Including distribution partners. ERBER Group is represented in more than 120 countries worldwide. The international orientation, the in-house research and development are important success factors for the annual growth of ERBER Group.

ERBER Group is an expert organization and world leader in the original core business of mycotoxin risk management. Powerful in-house research and development provides the basis for developing customer-focused and innovative solutions, which is particularly supported by collaborations with renowned universities and research institutions.

The company was founded in 1983 as "ERBER KG” and later on “BIOMIN GmbH" by Erich und Margarete Erber in Pottenbrunn (Austria) and is still family run. 
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