BIOMIN congratulates VAM on 30 years of veterinary excellence and participates in VAM Congress

For 30 years, VAM has been upholding its mission of attaining a high standard of professionalism, while contributing towards the enhancement of animal health, welfare, animal production and public health. The association has continuously provided support to veterinarians of Malaysia and a valuable platform for exchange of information. It has also demonstrated a sustained commitment in developing excellence in all areas, and keeping pace with the changing needs of the livestock and pharmaceutical industry. This commitment to lifelong learning and professional advancement is distinctive and impressive.

At the upcoming VAM Congress held 19-20 October 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, BIOMIN is honored to have the privilege of delivering two oral presentations by Dr. Justin Tan, Regional Sales & Marketing Director, BIOMIN Asia-Pacific.

Presentation details

Date: 20 October 2018
Venue: Kristal Ballroom, Hilton Petaling Jaya, No 2 Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya, 46200, Malaysia

Presentation 1:
Title: Managing Necrotic Enteritis in Commercial Broilers with Better Gut Protection
Time: 9:40 am – 9:50 am

Presentation 2:
Title: The Impact, Prevalence and Management of Mycotoxins in Poultry
Time: 11:40 am – 11:50 am

BIOMIN looks forward to broadening its partnership with VAM at the VAM Congress. Since its founding in 1983, BIOMIN has embraced natural ways to support animal nutrition using cutting-edge technologies that benefit animals, producers and the environment. The goals of the company has always been to support sustainable agriculture, now and in the future. With a customer base situated in 120 countries, BIOMIN expects to grow its business and expand customer support as it deepens its contribution to sustainable livestock and aquaculture. BIOMIN has recently expanded its presence in Malaysia with a new integrated office space in Klang. The company’s continued growth over the last 26 years has necessitated this relocation, further reinforcing its commitment to the country.

BIOMIN offers the best wishes for the association‘s 30th anniversary celebrations, marking this momentous occasion. With the growing animal and livestock community, VAM will certainly remain one of the most prestigious veterinarian associations for many more years to come.

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