Science & Solutions No. 51 - Poultry US

Supporting You at Each Step Along the Way

It is difficult to overlook the ongoing, long-term, global trend to reduce the application of antibiotics in farm animals, which appears driven by regulation, consumer demand and a lack of new antibiotic molecules.

Increasingly, our clients have embraced the responsible use of antibiotics, helping to preserve their medicinal value for the treatment of humans and animals. Addressing antibiotic resistance and closing the performance gap that opens up when antibiotics are removed from the diet constitute the two biggest challenges to ensuring sustainable profitability for the poultry industry while also keeping antibiotics working as intended well into the future.

Success entails a long-term journey with an overall objective, rather than a specific endpoint. At BIOMIN, we have been committed to providing natural and scientifically advanced nutrition solutions since our founding in 1983. We have made it our mission to accompany you along the journey, and to help you stay naturally ahead in your business. BIOMIN brings the most scientifically advanced toolkit to market so that you can achieve the most successful outcomes for your business. Our solutions can be applied to help partially or completely reduce antibiotic use while supporting animal health and welfare, and maintaining profitability. The reduction and removal of antibiotics from poultry diets requires a 360-degree approach including good farm management, nutrition, biosecurity, hygiene and a robust health and vaccination program. We recognize that each farm has its own unique set of conditions, which is why our international expert team is available to assist you in the identification of on-site challenges while also providing you with tailor-made solutions from our toolkit to help you attain the desired level of performance.

In addition, our involvement in industry discussions, our extensive scientific research and development program, and our on-farm application strategies have continually provided expertise and knowledge to the industry—as does our magazine, Science & Solutions.

The new look and feel of Science & Solutions, along with the new tagline “Keeping you naturally informed” reflects our commitment to you, our clients, and reaffirms the value we place on scientific discovery, knowledge sharing and supporting your ultimate success.

In this issue:

Antibiotic resistance key to understanding efforts to curtail antibiotics in poultry
The reduction and removal of antibiotics from poultry feeds is now a common theme for producers. This is due to rising levels of antimicrobial resistance and not because of the antibiotics themselves. Ensuring that antibiotics are only used for the treatment of disease in birds will relieve pressure on the industry, but at what price to poultry performance?

Your toolbox for antibiotic reduction
The steady pursuit of antibiotic reduction in livestock across the globe means that the industry will have to learn to master a new set of tools to support performance and maintain competitiveness.

What’s wrong with my birds? Part 11
A handy diagnostic checklist of symptoms, causes and remedies.

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