Biomin® GUTcheck

The unique gut health management program

Biomin® GUTcheck is a 5-step service program providing a comprehensive approach to gut health management, supporting the health and productivity of your animals.

1. Nutritional services

  • Nutrient content assessment
  • Digestive efficiency (e.g. digestibility analysis)
  • Ration evaluation

2. Gut health assessment

  • Microbial check to evaluate the microbial profile of gut and the environment

    • Commensal bacteria
    • Pathogens

  • Profiling survivability of probiotic strains in the gut

3. Systemic health status

  • Inflammation assessment
  • Oxidative stress evaluation
  • Liver health status
  • Blood profiling

4. Consulting and training

  • On-site farm support (e.g. necropsy)
  • Herd/flock health evaluation
  • Seminars and webinars on hot topics
  • Continuing education and training

5. Solutions and applications

  • Design custom gut health management solutions based on specific situation and or challenge by:

    • Species
    • Ingredients

  • Ensure proper dosing and compatibility of solutions at:

    • Feedmill
    • Hatchery
    • Farm